ZKSJ 3rd generation DC wave pump with wireless control and APP – SLIM PRO SERIES

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We focus on high-end aquarium market, and occupy 60% high end aquarium market in China, more than 300 deales in domestic and have OEM and ODM experience for many global well-known Brands. Such as Tropical Marine Centre in UK, Royal Exclusiv in Gemany and so on. We have our own moulding factory, has the ability and capacity to open the mould. Welcome to visit us!

Main feature:
1.DC voltage, sine wave technology, super quiet <20dB
2.Alloy motor isolation design prolongs the life
3.Add the diversion groove, the diversation shaft is long-lasting lubrication, the impurities are removed to prevent stuck
4.Durable, corrosion resistant
5.High flow rates, no attenuation
6.High performance, compact size
7.For external or submersible use
8.Bluetooth built-in controller
9.3 wave attachments: wide, medium and narrow
10.six pre-set wave patterns


The Slim Pro wave maker is ultra-quiet, super compact and powerful. The noise level is under 20dB. The size is barely 3.8cm long. You can easily hide the wave maker anywhere in the tank without being seen. Due to its state-of-the-art design for performance, it pushes 6000 LPH to 25000 LPH (model dependent).


● DC voltage, sine wave technology, super quiet <20dB

● Alloy motor isolation design prolongs the life

● Durable, corrosion resistant

● High flow rates, no attenuation

● High performance, compact size

● For external or submersible use

● Bluetooth built-in controller

● 3 wave attachments: wide, medium and narrow

● six pre-set wave patterns


Model Slim Pro 6000 Slim Pro 8000 Slim Pro 10000 Slim Pro 12000 Slim Pro 15000 Slim Pro 20000
Flow 6000L/H 8000L/H 10000L/H 12000L/H 15000L/H 20000L/H
Power 12W 16W 24W 35W 45W 70W
Voltage DC12V DC12V DC24V DC24V DC24V DC24V




Tank Size <50cm <70cm <100cm <120cm <150cm <200cm

How to turn on/off the Bluetooth app mode?
Long press the mode button to turn on/off app mode. The blue light flashes indicating the device enters the app mode. Solid Bluetooth led indicates the app is connected to the phone app.

How to change wave mode?
In controller, short press mode button, you can switch the wave mode between: Constant wave, Pulse wave, and device powering off.

How to adjust the flow rate/intensity?
Press the intensity button one at a time, the intensity will toggle between levels 1-10. 1 Intensity LEDs will be turned on/off per 2 level increased/decreased.

How to connect the app on the phone?
On the phone app, search for AQUA ZKSJ; download it and install it on the phone.


● How long is the delivery time?
Sample order is 3~5 days.
Bulk order is 10~15 days.
If there is pumps in stock, it is 2 days.

● How long is the warranty of pump?
Warranty is 5 years, can be repaired or returned free of charge if non-man-made damage.(Note: for the power supply, warranty is 2 years).

● What’s the payment method?
Paypal or T/T,Alipay

● What certificates have your pumps passed?
All our products have passed CE, RoHS

High welcome OEM and ODM!

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  • 1.DC Low voltage safe and reliable
    2.Three phase brushless sine wave control technology
    3.Eliminate high-frequency electromagnetic noise, smooth and silent
    4.The pump body and the drive can be separated and resistant to high temperature
    5.Magnetic isolation design, leakage proof, waterproof grade IP68.
    6.Acid, alkali and salt corrosion resistance, oil resistance, organic solvents and other liquid media (consult in advance)
    7.Constant power can be customized (for example, 12V 80W water pump, Constant Power 80W with voltage varying between 12v-24v)
    8.Constant speed can be customized (keep the speed unchanged when the load changes)
    9.Accurate dry run protection and Jam protection based on current detection (programmable protection mechanism)
    10.Soft start eliminates the peak voltage and reduces the starting current
    11.Suitable for Music fountain and other high-frequency start- stop application
    12.MPPT function can be customized for solar power supply to avoid poor startup when the light is weak.
    13.The pump and pump control system can be customized for various application environment requirements

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